AC F1 Car Tryouts

For the last 2 years, our flagship AC league has featured variety of F1 cars. With the conclusion of the SF15-T season, we’re looking ahead to next year and searching for a formula that will continue to reward our very best talents while being more approachable for the rest.

With that in mind, we’re holding an F1 tryout event this Saturday at 20:30 as usual at Silverstone to evaluate the league potential of three different cars:

We will probably have 20 minutes practice and a short race in each car. All drivers are welcome – we’d love to hear a good mixture of opinions from up and down the grid.

See you out there!

8 thoughts on “AC F1 Car Tryouts

  1. Server is now online if you want to get an early taster :)

    First impressions: of the 3 cars, I find the F138 a bit boring and predictable. The F2002 and FW31 are both great, my personal favourite is the Williams for its directness – I guess it suits my driving style a little better.

    Oh, and make sure to map a KERS button since the F138 and FW31 both have it.

    • Nope, this is the first official outing for the Williams.

      We’ll leave the server online afterwards with the F2002 & FW31 if you fancy trying them out at some point.

  2. We’ve been in touch with the current developer of the Williams mod, so if you have any feedback about what could be improved on the car feel free to comment below :)

    So far we are looking at fixing the fuel consumption and repair times, and making the ride height a bit more forgiving when off-track.

  3. My thoughts on the cars.

    F2002: It sounds exciting and it’s fast, but the TC takes a lot of the joy out of it and it removes a performance differentiator – to an extent. Anyone can mash the throttle from before apex and away you go. The best drivers will still be quicker because with better lines and control they will use less TC and more forward drive. It is less fun though; look at the last turn at Silverstone – not even a corner in the F2002, fraught with danger in the SF15T

    FW31 – Phenomenal high speed grip, not too bad overall. I think the racing will be close in this one

    F138 – A bit less grip than the Williams and it feels more alive because of it – I guess it also has a smidge more power. I find this one the most fun to drive and it has some followers in the wider community so it may garner some additional drivers. My vote.

    • Interesting to hear that you think the F138 feels more alive. Do you feel the same on a track with fewer high speed corners, like say the Nurburgring?

      The FW31 does have so much grip, it feels a bit too much. We would probably reduce the track grip a bit if we drove it compared to the other cars.

    • Yeah I do, but might be because I’ve actually set the car up for driving in pickup races and a league. I didn’t really do anything to the other two when I tried them

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