Welcome to 2017

Happy new year to you all and welcome to the refreshed Flag-to-Flag website :)

Beyond the visual makeover there’s a few new features, including editable comments and interactive race graphs. Let me know what you think!


As TeamSpeak shows its age we’re moving to a more modern and reliable voice chat platform: Discord. We recommend downloading the desktop app from https://discordapp.com/.

You can join our server at https://discord.gg/FGvrE8d. Let us know if you need any help getting it set up.

Coming up

The AC F1 league will be starting a new season later this month, with Saturday test races planned throughout January. More details and a sign-up post will follow. Dirt Rally is also set for another season in the near future.

We have a bunch of exciting event ideas to fill the alternate weeks including GTs at Bathurst, classic F1 and some LMP racing. Make sure you grab our favourite AC DLC while it’s still on sale. More event suggestions are always welcome :)

2016 in review

The last year has been the most active ever for FtF, with 5 different leagues completed. We thought it would be worth a little roundup of all the fun we had.

MinedPolecat34 on Formula SimRacing:

Flag-to-Flag had a very successful debut in FSR this year, moving up from AMA to the Pro division in August, where we amassed 3 podiums to reach an impressive 5th in the constructors standings. We have high hopes for our first full season next year with an expanded entry.

A take on our F1 leagues from BobbyDeacs and xNinja:

F2002: Bobby inspired a hugely successful league providing plenty of clean racing and stiff competition up and down the field. Personally I found the league very challenging and it was an enjoyable experience battling so many people in my first sim league since graduating from the Codemasters games.

SF15-T: Kunos’ Red Pack brought us an interesting season to say the least. A complex car and most assists banned meant this was a league for the more sim-oriented competitors, and yielded a variety of victors throughout the season. Attendance was rough at times due to the level of difficulty, something we can work on for next year, but it was a truly rewarding experience for those who committed to it. With a little surgery, we may yet have unfinished business with this car…

Cameron looks back at our mid-week leagues:

Formula 3: Running as a social league, F3 saw a long overdue revival for our 25% sprint format. Drivers were challenged by completely new circuits including Lippo, Modena and the almighty Nordschleife finale. The arrival of some fresh members was a bonus all round.

Formula Renault 3.5: A second season followed the same format, but with a tail-happy car promoting overtaking and some awesome battles. We were introduced to more unfamiliar venues such as Donington and Misano before the green hell beckoned again to revive a season that had threatened to peter out.

And last but not least, Dirt Rally returned in style with a thrilling competition that went down to the wire, as Waffen usurped Chicane in Greece to become our new sideways maestro.

One common theme ran through every AC league we held this year: the indomitable Emil Praga at the top of the standings, waltzing to all four titles with 20 wins and 29 podiums in 38 league races! Rivalled for pace by the ever-improving Shayan Najam and Raven, his superior consistency meant he never looked like losing. Congratulations to Emil from all of us here :)

So, who’s up for the challenge in 2017?

18 Months of Assetto Corsa at Flag-to-Flag

Time flies when you’re having fun! Hard to believe it was so long ago that we ventured into the world of proper sim racing with Assetto Corsa. We’re all proud to have been part of some spectacular open wheel racing, and would like to thank you all for your loyalty and contribution to our community.

To celebrate all the exciting moments we’ve shared, @Mystro has put together a little something special…

Future AC Events

Hi all,

We have some news for those FtF members who have been eagerly awaiting a second season of our ACF1 league.

For now our site leaders don’t have the time to commit to organising another AC championship alongside the new Dirt Rally league that’s proving so exciting. However, rest assured that after all the fun we had in season 1, we are not dropping the idea.

We still plan to set up another season in a few months, and in the mean time we will be organising various weekend AC events. So keep an eye on the website. :)

Also please do keep us posted with ideas and content that holds potential for AC league racing in the future. We’ve observed the release of the fantastic F2002 car, which looks like our best F1 option unless an even better open wheel mod comes along soon!

– The FtF site leaders.

Merry Christmas!

2015 has been an incredible year for Flag-to-Flag and we’d like to take a moment to thank you all for your loyalty and contribution towards our little community.

Rather than wish you “health, wealth and prosperity” I think it’s more appropriate that we wish that “all your power-slides hit the apex, your braking manoeuvres never result in a lock-up and your over-steer remains predictable”, in 2016.

Have a lot of fun!

– The Site Leaders

Server Notices

A few (reasonably dull) updates for you all:

Stracker & Server Timing Stats

Because of the unique way stracker has been developed, we had some issues updating to the most recent version, in the hope of avoiding the horrible mid-game failures we’ve been experiencing during league races.

To sidestep the issue we’ve started afresh with a clean database. We’re hopeful this will return stracker to stability. Our previous statistics remain in the old database and we may yet restore them should we figure out what was broken.

Server IP Addressing

The dedicated server may be offline for a large part of tomorrow because of some IP address changes that have to take place. I hope to have it operational by early evening.

– SirRob