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Pretender to the throne #1 – Remco

With the inaugural ACF1 season now well under way it seems like a good time to take a look at the emerging championship contenders and find out what makes them tick. First up, we take a look at Flag-to-Flag newbie Remco Majoor – a seasoned racer who has already shown that he’s capable of dominating our league. 

You’ve appeared out of nowhere and started winning everything. Who are you, and what on earth do you think you’re doing?

I started playing racing games as soon as I got my first computer and console, so I picked up the feel for racing cars pretty early on in my life. Sim-racing started for me when I was about 11 years old, starting in LFS and from there I pretty much immediately joined a racing team and participated in the top leagues of LFS. I started at the back of the field, of course, but soon moved through the ranks. After I joined a top team I moved all the way up to the top and in 2014 I won the junior championship.

Last year I won the kyoto 500, which is the biggest oval league in LFS and got my ‘A’ licence in both oval and road in iRacing. I feel LFS has become outdated and Assetto Corsa is coming along, so I am looking to find new challenges.

You’re quite an experienced hand, then. What do you think of our little league?

At first I was sceptical about the skills of the drivers and the quality of the league, because it’s based on a relatively ‘arcadish’ game.

I have been generally surprised though. Aside from Rhobium some FSR drivers have joined and although there are races where I am faster than them, there is still enough pressure on me that I make mistakes.

Imola really showed what Rhobium had in him. We were both at the limit and doing pretty much the same lap times. Due to my own mistake I lost that race though, it could’ve been a nice battle.

For the next time the Rhobium gets a bit too much?
For the next time Rhobium causes Remco to make a ‘mistake’. (Assorted plungers optional)

So, you must have your sights set on winning the ACF1 championship? How do you rate your chances – You’ve still got Mystro to contend with.

I set my chances on winning very high in this league. I do have to remind myself that the best 12 races count. So Mystro still has a good chance indeed.

It’s hardly surprising, you come from such a rich racing heritage, with the like of Jan Lammers and Christijan Albers. On the subject of your heritage, what do you think of Frisians? Idiots, right?

They are from a different country, but want to be part of ours, so they are weird yes.

Away from Sim racing, what makes you tick? You’re not 12 years old or something, are you?

I’m just a normal human being learning car mechanics and I have a social life as well – which sometimes gets in the way of my sim racing. I’m interested in cars and my beautiful girlfriend.

Finally, any shoutouts?

I do want to shout out my girlfriend, Sharon, who supports me through hard times and supports my sim racing. She completed her first lap around the nordschleife and only went off once. She also manages to handle the 9C at 100% boost around Spa in 3 minutes.

Now that’s my kind of woman! Thanks to Remco for agreeing to take part. Next up, I’ll be talking to FtF mastermind, Rhobium.

– SirRobSmith

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