Teams & Car Allocations

You can now pick your car for the ACF1 league :)

Please leave a comment on this post, giving your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices. You can pick from any 2015 F1 team, plus Caterham and Sauber from 2014. As in real life only 2 cars are available per team.

Cars will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if you find a teammate for the constructors championship, you’ll get priority over individual drivers. Only 1 driver from each team needs to give their car preference and say who their teammate will be. You should also try to think up an entertaining team name :)

We can still form new teams once the championship is underway, so don’t worry if you can’t arrange anything yet. You’ll find Steam profile links for each signed up driver, so go ahead, make some friends! ;)

– Rhobium.

Drivers Team Name Car
MinedPolecat34 & YuckierDragon Kers CrackERS Ferrari
Bratwurst & Ukyo Kommando Dünnpfiff Williams
Rhobium & SirRobSmith The Motivated Geeks Mercedes
FCR Senna & Pikkerson Toro Rosso
Skalpy & Ton van Egmond McLaren
carlosfw & bolea18 Spanishers Force India
mattreX & Raven Sauber 2015
Remco Majoor & Shaggymark Numb Nut Racing Manor

Cars remaining: Lotus, Caterham, Sauber 2014.

33 thoughts on “Teams & Car Allocations

  1. Team Name: Crackstreet Boys

    Drivers: puluminati & Frenzy

    Car Preference:
    1: Lotus

    2: Force India

    3: Williams

  2. Team name: The Motivated Geeks

    Drivers: Rhobium & SirRobSmith

    1. Mercedes

    2. Red Bull

    3. Williams

  3. Not decided on a team name yet…

    Drivers: heyokay & ?

    1. RedBull

    2. Williams

    3. Manor

    Quick-ish, clean driver. Let me know if you need a team!

  4. Team Name: Spanishers

    Members: carlosfw & VBC18


    1.- Red Bull

    2.- Force India

    3.- Williams

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