Welcome to the New Site

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the refreshed and rejuvenated Flag-to-Flag website! It should all look familiar, since not a lot is different style-wise. You may notice the new background image, leaner chat box and pretty fonts though.

The main change is that we’ve removed the forum. It hasn’t seen much usage lately, and it should be easier for everyone to move discussion to the post and event comments. Clicking on any post/event title (or the comments link) will take you there.

Just like before, you will need to sign in through Steam using the shiny green button on the right. Once logged in, you’ll be asked to confirm your username and email address. You will then find links to your user control panel, notifications and messages on the right. Be sure to update your new profile with your YouTube channel URL – you can also change your nickname there if you want.

If you have any problems or questions, drop me a message on steam or leave a comment below.

Thanks and enjoy :)

– Rhobium

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Site

  1. Also, if you visit the site on a smartphone you’ll now see a more mobile-friendly version of the website – for anyone who needs their FtF fix while out and about xD

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