FW31 League – Test Race 1: Mugello

Mugello – 30 Laps

Replay: FW31-T1-Mugello Replay (208 downloads)


# Driver CarGridBest Time Pts
1 piotrBellamy 21:22.874 43:00.154 25
2 Shayan Najam 11:22.734 +6.010 18
3 BobbyDeacs 21:23.766 +30.552 15
4 Storm_Cloud 01:24.147 +55.351 12
5 Luca D'Amelio 31:25.263 +1:24.187 10
6 toolo4sno 41:25.091 +1 Lap 8
7 mattreX 21:24.642 +1 Lap 6
8 bolea18 21:25.747 DNF (+8L) 0
9 tato-f1 21:25.087 DNF (+18L) 0
10 Raven 81:23.512 DNF (+27L) 0

For our first pre-season race you will need the following downloads:

  • The latest public version of the FW31 car: AC VRC Williams FW31 (v1.4)
  • A physics update: AC Williams FW31 Physics & Skins
    We owe many thanks to misterbeam, the current developer, for all his hard work in turning our suggestions into a great league car. This is the basis of the upcoming public version 1.4 of the mod.
  • The ACRL pit lane app, created by MegadetH_44: ACRL Pit App (v3.1)

We will be testing the pit app as a means of enforcing the 80km/h pit entry speed limit.

The tyres allowed in this race will be softs, mediums and hards. No restrictions on race strategy. We haven’t decided yet what tyre rules to adopt for the league.

Hope it’s a fun one!

8 thoughts on “FW31 League – Test Race 1: Mugello

  1. Well, I just loaded the video up to see what kind of race people had and looks like there was a lot of fun in the midfield, which is great. I also saw a lot of respectful driving which usually means that the new guys have some experience, so all bodes well for the season.

    Shame for me that my pace was in-between the front and midfield, so once I got past Bolea it was a bit lonely, but I have a feeling the midfield will catch me by the time we get to the Nuerburgring.

  2. What’s good is you have company this season, last season was top heavy. Also, nobody there was slow including yourself – we’re all quick! …..but yes it does come as a shock when you meet the Shayans, Ravens & Piots of this World.

    Bad news is we also have Emil our current champ, Jan Frajbis, Storm Cloud will be quick again, Coretex seems quicker too, Ton is fast if he practises, my teammate Ninja can also win races, Max Verstappen is no slouch, Waffen is proper fast, Rhobium on his days away from college is right up there and the old man Yuck has his day too.. and no doubt I missed someone from that list!

    First target is get past me – won’t take as long as you think :)

  3. The game isn’t that good at estimating fuel consumption, I think apps like RaceEssentials are more useful for that.

    As for pace, I wouldn’t worry too much – fast tracks like Mugello tend to exaggerate the difference between drivers. It’ll probably be much tighter at Hockenheim next week :)

  4. Great video Bobby :)

    Very impressed by some of the wheel-to-wheel action, especially through all of Mugello’s fast corners that are hard enough to get right when you’re on your own!

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