ACF1 League – Australian GP

ACF1 Car Update

Version 2.8 is here! It includes new 2015 liveries, helmets, suits and gloves. The suspension has also been adjusted to produce softer and more predictable handling, and your tyres can now grain when too cold / blister when too hot.

Existing car setups will work, but I suggest you check out the new default setup as a starting point regarding dampers and suspension settings.

Assetto Corsa ACF1 Mod (v2.81, 465 downloads)
# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 include76 Blue Bulls (Red Bull)01:25.877 43:16.861 25
2 Raven Sauber31:27.389 +24.584 18
3 YuckierDragon Kers CrackERS (Ferrari)11:28.135 +33.499 15
4 MinedPolecat34 Kers CrackERS (Ferrari)21:28.445 +1:02.216 12
5 Desi.exe Blue Bulls (Red Bull)21:27.488 +38.364 10
6 Ton van Egmond Mcflurry Honda (McLaren)31:29.118 +1:30.141 8
7 Ukyo Kommando Dünnpfiff (Williams)31:28.264 +1 Lap 6
8 bolea18 Spanishers (Force India)11:29.492 +1 Lap 5
9 SirRobSmith Motivated Geeks (Mercedes)11:28.240 +1 Lap 4
10 carlosfw Spanishers (Force India)11:29.444 +1 Lap 3
11 mattreX Sauber21:29.091 +1 Lap 2
12 Axlslo Sauber 201431:29.012 +1 Lap 1
13 jcusain Numb Nut Racing (Manor)11:28.666 DNF (19L) 0
14 Rhobium Motivated Geeks (Mercedes)121:28.668 DNF (7L) 0
15 palamies Beathill (Lotus)11:31.629 DNF (6L) 0

Replay file:  acf1@albert-park_acu_20150919 (15 downloads)

5 thoughts on “ACF1 League – Australian GP

  1. *wow*… the new V2.8 have NO 3rd Spring … its completly removed ! :-(
    … any special reason for that !?
    Now it is very difficult to adjust the pitch of the car ! :-(

    • AC doesn’t seem to handle the 3rd/heave spring very well, or stiff suspension in general. The car is now softer but definitely more predictable and easier to control, in our view :)

      I would suggest fiddling with the suspension wheel rates and travel range settings instead, both have a large adjustment range. The packers are not that stiff either, so the car shouldn’t be too pitch sensitive.

  2. I might be there, I can try to give SirRob a hard time for the last spot. If I can get any practice in tomorrow of course.

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