VRC MP4-4 Guidelines

1 Tyres

1.1 Ideal running pressures: 28 psi, all tyres/compounds.

1.2 Ideal running temperatures, within 15 degs of :-

  • E (Ultrasofts):      90 degs
  • D (Supersofts):    95 degs
  • C (Softs):            100 degs
  • B (Mediums):    105 degs
  • A (Hards):          110 degs

2. Changelog (from VRC data values):-

  • Tyre wear increased slightly.
  • Much less harsh over kerbs.
  • Force Feedback a bit less “ON/OFF”.
  • Handling more solid in general, far less slidey.
  • Repair times sped up for league purposes.
  • Fuel consumption improved – but even then, some races will be a lap or two short of modern distances as there was no refuelling in 1988 and tank size was limited.
  • Underside colliders raised to allow better steering on grass and in gravel.

3. TyresFX Compounds:-