Safety Car Procedure

App required:-  FtF Safety Car App (245 downloads)

We are ONLY interested in the Safety Car aspects of this app, all the other features – VSC, penalties etc – are to be ignored. Essentially, the app is a tool for us to get the messages to the drivers.

The procedure will be as follows:-

  1. In the event of a BAD incident involving several cars or other circumstance (to be agreed) that leaves at least 2 cars temporarily disabled, the Safety Car procedure will be initiated:-
  2. The Safety Car will leave the pitlane SLOWLY and issue the command “Pace Car On track” (Audio:- “The Pace car, the pace car, don’t pass, don’t pass”).
  3. At this point it should be treated as a yellow flag, with no overtaking allowed and no more driving at full blast.
  4. However, all cars APART FROM THE RACE LEADER may carefully go past the Safety Car until the race leader has caught the Safety Car up. ** Note, the race leader may have pitted, so check you’re not the one in the lead before passing.
  5. Once the race leader is behind the Safety Car, no-one is allowed to pass him and a queue will naturally start to form.
  6. The Safety car will now speed up.
  7. Cars should straddle the track left-right, left-right and WITHOUT WEAVING (same for all of us) to avoid unnecessary collisions.
  8. On the following lap, the Safety Car will announce “Pace car PITS THIS LAP” (“Audio:- The pace car is pitting now, the pace car is pitting now”).
  9. He will do this twice, once early in the lap and once towards the final sector.
  10. At this point the leader can start to back us up, but NOT “Niko Rosberg style” backing-up, he should maintain a speed of at least 80kph/50mph (again to avoid collisions). At the same time he should give the Safety Car enough time to reach the pitlane before racing recommences.
  11. After the final corner, racing can commence again and overtaking is allowed once more. Safety Car will issue a “Go-go-go”, but this doesn’t mean you can overtake until you have rounded the last corner.
  12. You must NOT use DRS for 1 lap after the Safety Car has pitted.