1. I’ve checked this before, you must know that my pc will be turning 7 years old this May and that my graphics card is the GeForce GT630.

    When I’m alone in the server or theres a few other peeps I don’t have any problems at all but an 18fielder is deadly for me. I also don’t have problems at other events in AC(with slower cars like the minigames) or other games(DiRT Rally, payday 2) that I play.

  2. Yea I’ve been here before, I think it’s about the lowest I can go. I had no problems on the quick parts (Eau Rouge, Kemmel straight, Blanchimont) but corners like Rivage or the last chicane were horrific to drive.

    I thought it was all good since I had no problems at all at the mini-games. I will continue my search for a fix for this.

  3. I’m sorry I dropped out. I got horrible framedrops once again. And after my first pitstop it only refueled but didnt change my tires which made it all worse. I will try again at Monza(might not be there) or India, if the framedrop issue continues I’ll be dropping out this league and give u guys a fair chance to win :D (jk)

  4. Probably my first video I recorded with the game. And except for the 4/3 I think those graphics are better than the ones I’m using nowadays lmao, good eye!

    Btw your whining about graphics is getting old pulu, until u buy me a new pc u should try taking pills for your dementia

  5. I did some testing yesterday(with TastyChev and some others) and altho I wasn’t that quick, I thought I wasn’t to far off.

    So if it’s cool with u guys, I’d like to sign up as a reserve. I’m not sure how many I will be able to attend but when I can I’m definitely down to partake.


    Teams don’t matter to me, whichever is free.

  6. I’m gonna try to make most of the races of course. Tested some this afternoon, got a lot of work to do to get where u guys are at the moment but I definitely love the general feel of the game. The way I work is very random but Monday- or Thursday evenings seem nice moments to host the AC events.

    PS Sorry I couldnt make it tonight, other obligations