FTF Fun League

General Info

This is the FTF Fun League where we will host for you a dedicated server with weekly-rolling tracks. You can join at any time and compete or practise. No tyre wear, no fuel consumption, just fun and fair racing! with Ferrari f2004 car.

This server is automatically monitored by the Kissmyrank penalty system. You have 30000 points when you first enter the server. You need to manage these points – they will REDUCE with a penalty every time you crash or brake the fair racing rules and INCREASE when you win and race fairly. see here for more detailed penalty system, you should also read the league rules here.

Also, bear-in-mind that when you collide with another car it is both drivers’ responsibility, so you will receive penalty points. If you don’t manage your points well, you won’t be able to continue racing on the server. Every Thursday at 19:30 GMT, we will stage the FUN-CHAMPIONSHIP races which will be transmitted live on our YouTube channel “Flag-To-Flag Racing“.

Feel free to chat with us on discord: https://discord.gg/FGvrE8d


The fun-championship, races are held on every Thursday at 19:30 GMT, you are free to join and have fun, but if you want a reserved slot in the grid, please register below, presuming you will attend on most races and compete for the championship.

If you want a reserved slot on the grid, please register below, presuming you will attend and compete for the championship. To be able to use your reservation when server is full, you should have installed this app kissmyrank-AC-multiplayer-launcher , to install it: Extract the package to Documents\Assetto Corsa\Themes\ , and enable the “Kissmyrank Mod” in the General Options. Put this key “vip_access” when joining if it asks you.

To better notice admin notifications during the race (virtual safety Car, blue flags, and other penalties…), it is recommended that you download the Kissmyrank Spotter App , . it will voice-message you in case of hazard on track, virtual SC, etc…

It is not mandatory but recommended that you be on discord voice chat during the fun Championship race.

Races will be transmitted live on our YouTube channel and Twitch twitch.tv/flagtoflaglive

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Championship Top 15 results


F2004 Fun Championship Race1
Fun-Championship Race 2 Monza
Fun-Championship Race 4 Imola
Test race Monza
Test race
Test race

Rules/Penalty system

  • stay with the track boundaries, to avoid penalty points on your account.
  • Overtake cleanly without infractions, if you reach the maximum number of infractions you will be banned from the server.
  • Respect blue flags, VSC(virtual safety car), etc… if you collide with a car under VSC, or blue flags, you will get penalized more than normal race condition collisions.
  • Don’t speed up, or cut the pit entry and pit exit lines.
  • In case of virtual safety car, you should keep speed at 150km/h and not overtake, unless another car is slower than 60 Km/h.
  • When you first enter the server you will be rewarded 30000 Points, you should manage well those points, as if you get penalized a lot and lost all of them, you will be banned from the server.
  • A race prize points is based on number of drivers participating in the race, the higher the number, the more points you’ll get.
  • Point’s of Championship are given to first 12 finishers, allocated as follows: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.
  • In case of a big collision on first lap, Race will be restarted, or if in other laps, safety car will be deployed, be attentive at The server notifications, or install the KMR Spotter app to better see the  notifications.
  • Be careful when overtaking or being overtaken, if you touch with someone more than 5 times, Drive through penalty will be applied.
  • Be careful with corner cuts crashing, pit exit line crossing, etc… during practice and qualifications, if you reach a max of 15 infraction you will be penalized with drive through on the race.