Flag-to-Flag.com FSR Team

Aside from our Assetto Corsa league racing, Flag-to-Flag.com has competed in FSR since mid-2016. For 2017 we have connections with NetRex GrandPrix to help with the progress and development of the team and hope to be consistently challenging for podiums. We enter 9 drivers in 5 teams across the ACE and PRO divisions and have 2 drivers in the AMA division.

What is FSR?

Formula-SimRacing is a high level competitive racing league for rFactor 2. It currently has 4 divisions: World Championship, ACE and PRO drive 2009 F1 cars while the AMA division uses a 2014 GP2 car.

FtF drivers

ACE Division

#36 Florian Bekker | Flag-to-Flag
#37 Sergi Heras | Flag-to-Flag

#38 Felix van Delft | Flag-to-Flag Orange
#39 Shayan Najam | Flag-to-Flag Orange

PRO Division

#9 Gerlof de Vries (MinedPolecat34) | Flag-to-Flag
#10 Cameron Rodger (CMR_18) | Flag-to-Flag

#40 Haaris Parvez (xNinja) | Flag-to-Flag NTX
#41 Dylan Scrivens (bobbo) | Flag-to-Flag NTX

#42 Ton van Egmond | Flag-to-Flag Orange
#43 Michael Eyres | Flag-to-Flag Orange