F2002 Guidelines

1.1 Tyres

1.1.1 Ideal “running” pressures: 18 psi, all tyres/compounds.

1.1.2 Ideal running temperatures – within 20 degrees of :-

  • 90 – Softs
  • 100 – Mediums
  • 110 – Hards

2. Changelog (from original):-

  1. Make rear end more solid and less slidey.
  2. Faster turn-in to compensate for the less active rear end.
  3. Tyres run a bit warmer and wear in a less “prescribed” manner.
  4. Stability over kerbs improved.
  5. Reduced brake heating slightly.
  6. Locked out accidental downshift from 1st to neutral.
  7. Revamped aero curves.
  8. Changed default setup to be more balanced.
  9. Raised underside collider so that it’s easier to steer on grass and get out of gravel.
  10. Modernised braking behaviour.
  11. Repair times sped up for league purposes. Refuelling also a little bit quicker.
  12. Traction control reduced and now level 0 is off, 1 is lowest, 5 is highest (Kunos’ default is the wrong way round!).