F1 2021 X – Car Upgrades During Season

For this season, we are allowing teams to upgrade their car in-between races.

The rules are simple – for each team member who finished the previous race, you are allowed to update one element of your car. If both members finish, then you can update 2 elements, but they must be different elements – you cannot for instance give your engine 2 updates in-between races.

There will be a total of 4 upgrade levels available for each of the following elements:-

  1. Fuel efficiency – upgrades to fuel burning efficiency will not give you any noticeable improvement with qualifying laps, however you should be able to carry less fuel than the others into the race and hence your car will be lighter and faster, particularly in the first stint.
  2. MGU-K efficiency – improvements to the MGU-K unit will allow the unit to retain charge better over the length of the race. This will again give you no advantage in qualifying, but will allow more frequent use of higher ERS modes during each race stint.
  3. Downforce/aero – The “Red Bull” art, more downforce = more grip (especially in fast corners) or more freedom to run lower wings.
  4. Engine – Power = speed and as these updates are mainly at the higher end of the rev range, this shouldn’t make the car much more tricky to drive.
  5. Suspension Geometry (grip/traction) – particularly useful on lower downforce tracks where you are more reliant on mechanical grip.