FtF Year End MiniGames


# Driver Pts
1 xNinja 60
2 ShaggyMark 60
3 bobbo 58
4 YuckierDragon 57
5 puluminati 57
6 Rhobium 53
7 Taylor 49
8 Frenzy 44
9 Ton van Egmond 41
10 piotrBellamy 37
11 MinedPolecat34 29
12 Waffen 28
13 coret3x 25
14 CMR_18 21
  • xNinja and Shaggymark tied on 2 wins, xNinja wins on countback due to his 2nd place.
  • YuckierDragon ahead of puluminati due to 3 wins vs 1.

Download mod-pack : Minigames2-modpack (188 downloads)

We had a great season this year and I would like to thank all the drivers who participated to make this happen. What better way than to end this year with the Minigames.

Upcoming Friday 30th of December, we got some crazy events for you to relief all the tension of your otherwise boring mundane life ;P

The minigames schedule will not be revealed but the download pack will be available on Thursday.

To get of what to expect, check out the videos on this link : minigames-1

Hope to see you all then.

5 thoughts on “FtF Year End MiniGames

  1. Saw you all signed in when I got home from mum’s, but had been on the road for nearly 6 hours by then. By the time I joined T/s, Discord you were all done and dusted.

    Nice videos, lots of good carnage :)

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