F2002 Summer Test Races/League Sign-Up

Test races will take place every Saturday starting 20:30 Central European Time (19:30 UK). At the moment, it’s two sprints with reverse grids. When we have numbers for a league, we will revert to 50% distance with scaled fuel & tyre wear.
To reserve a skin, please leave a comment below.

League Calendar: TBC

Car: AC F2002 Car (707 downloads)

Current Skinpack: AC F2002 Skin Pack (454 downloads) (Please feel free to create new ones to add to the pack)

Info: Car Guidelines

Required Apps: AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 1224 downloads) KMR App (223 downloads)

Event Info: 

  • Meet up in Discord on Saturday before 20:30 Central European Time (19:30 UK). All communications are by voice channel. Speaking is not compulsory.
  • Please use push-to-talk during races if you are using a mic/headset.
  • Note that the KMR app is in use and currently set at fairly strict levels to get us through the first few corners.

Confirmed Skins/Drivers

  1. Orange – Yuck & Sir Rob
  2. Mclaren West – Storm & Bob
  3. Jaguar – Seymohre, Motopreserve
  4. Toyota – AF4, Harry
  5. Honda – Revioli
  6. Jordan – Frusty
  7. Renault – Dmitry
  8. Ferrari Tribute – Olger, Teku
  9. Sensen – Williams
  10. Albano – tbc livery

17 thoughts on “F2002 Summer Test Races/League Sign-Up

    • I just put your liveries on server. however, our software here won’t add the skin (probably as name is too long for our database) so you’re in the standard Ferrari at the moment. I’m not sure if changing the skin name to a shorter one is that simple, but if you can do it I’ll add the renamed ones to the skinpack.

    • He’s your mate anyway I was just making sure people have teammates, so for sure team up with him. I’ll give you Ferrari livery anyway – we’re not scoring points at the mo.

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