RSS 2019 Hybrid League Sign-Up

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce the start of a new league in Assetto Corsa using the RSS 2019 Hybrid F1 car from Race Sim Studios.

We’re trying something new this season with teams of up to 3 drivers who can all drive simultaneously.

To sign-up, please leave a comment below, with preferred team mates, team name (not the same name as your skin choice) and skin choice. You can also create your own team skin and send it to me. If you are looking for a teammate, try the #looking-for-a-teammate channel on Discord.

Races are on “Wednesdays” and we are again running a parallel calendar with Formula Trout F1 who race on the following Saturday.

Test races will be at Shanghai & Red Bull Ring on July 31st & August 7th with the league starting at the Nurburgring on August 14th and running fortnightly thereafter. We will end the season on our signature track – Road America.

League info:
  • Races on alternate Wednesdays starting 20:30 Central European Time (19:30 UK).
  • Attendance on the RSS 2019 Discord voice channel is mandatory. Please use push-to-talk during races if you are using a mic/headset.
  • Event format: 3x practice starts, then 15 min qualifying and 50% race distance.
  • Best 9 out of 10 results count for the championship. Top 12 finishers score points.
  • 200% tyre wear, 200% fuel usage, refuelling is impractical at 10 secs per litre.
  • All assists are disabled.
  • Drivers must use some kind of awareness app like Helicorsa or Crew Chief.
  • Three tyre compounds will be available each race and you must start the race with the softest of the available tyres. From then onwards, it is entirely the choice of the driver which compound(s) are used, no mandatory stops.
  • Speeding in the pit lane will be treated as a corner-cut – or worse depending on severity.
  • Drive-through penalty for jump starts.
  • Safety Car will be deployed in the event of a bad crash.
Drivers should also read the league rules.

If you would like to participate, please post a comment and state your preferred skin(s) (from those remaining) and a team name/teammate if applicable.

Confirmed Teams/Drivers (max 3 drivers per team, all can race at once):
  1. Bob, Storm, Seymohre – BDS Racing (Peugeot Pescarolo skin)
  2. Mixa, Not_Karuma, Ali (Renault)
  3. Magz, Panos, Jan – Benetton Formula Racing
  4. Ashes, Dragon (Ravenwest) *1 place*
  5. Pensionisti, Church, Raven (Zig-zag Zebra)
  6. Waffen, Frusty, Urmas (Lotus)
  7. Magicsenna, Ollie (Rokit Williams) *1 place*
  8. Ninja, James May, Jeremy (Mclaren)
Honorary Guest Drivers:
  1. Rhobium
  2. Yuck
  3. Emil
  4. Galin Dimov
  5. JJ
  6. The Polecat
  7. Sir Rob
  8. CMR
  9. Ninja
  10. Marcelinho
  11. Raven
Skins available (more tbc):-

35 thoughts on “RSS 2019 Hybrid League Sign-Up

  1. I shall make a return I’m quite far removed from the loop so not sure how much stuff I will have to download may need some help with that. I think I’ll take the lotus no one should miss me when I’m beong lapped that way.

    • Once you’re filled-in you won’t be far behind at all, you’ll certainly be past me. Will go through setups and do a bit of explaining the easy-peasy ERS modes. Sounds like Frenzy wants a teammate – wanna negotiate with him on car?

    • If waffen is down I’d like to team up with him for old dirt rally times sake, we’ll swing at the back

  2. I’m in, team name Ravenwest and I’ll send a custom livery :)
    Also anyone that is looking for a team is free to join, I’ll make a livery for you too:)

    • Alex Ebbelinghaus-Wirxel is without a team at the moment maybe you can be a team together. you can contact him on the #looking-for-a-team channel on discord

  3. I’d like to register for next season aswell. You can put me in Ashes new team if there is still a space available.

  4. Hello all, so I’m participating with no team mate (tbc), as Team MadFox and using the Rokit Williams skin (i’ll send it on the discord livery section)

  5. I’ll set you up like that for now and if no teammates come along and we get a few no-shows, we’ll get you into another team.

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