1. I pretty much had no preperation, as always. I sadly do not have that much time for it, so for me it is mostly a plug&play kind of approach. I like the track a lot so i gave it a go, but after a few laps in the race, with the standard setup (except for the wings), the front left temperatur was so hot, i could barely drive right handers and lost a couple of seconds every lap – and with it the fun to drive. So i retired, would have been last anyway, i guess.
    This is in no way criticism towards the car/mod, but my own problem for not being prepared enough. Anyway i will try to participate at the remaining races and will see in the race, if i am at least half competitive.

    • Thanks, that is great news. I hope i can attend then, providing social life does not interfere :)

  2. I could not take part as i hoped, but i tested both cars and it seems i belong to the minority here as i prefer the F138. I really adore the technical bits about the SF15-T, but from a driving point of view the F138 just feels more agile and easier to drive on the limit, which i prefer. That being said, i cannot predict the strategic possibilities of the SF15-T in races, but i would guess, that at the end of the day the difference in strategy would not be that big. But it would surely be tempting to try it.

    All in all i like both cars, but i feel more comfortable with the F138. Atm i would say, i would participate in a championship here if it uses one of those cars. ;)

  3. Good quali, but surprising result.

    Worst race ever. Lack of time, so not really prepared, no strategy, pitstop app not configured properly, was driving around with way too much fuel all the time. Got spun in first corner first lap and, what i find nearly unacceptable, 2 times blatantly by the same driver on totally destroyed tires in the last 2 laps while being well clear in front on the overtake. Horrible!

    But i am looking forward to spain, one of my favourite tracks. Should be prepared better then.

  4. A friend of mine and myself would like to join the league as a team.  I guess Sauber is the only one left? Then we would take that skin. Or is there another one?

    The name of the Team would be Race4Life.

  5. The apology is enough for me ;) No need to switch positions imho. But please leave room in the future :)
    Had fun, but wing setting was too high. Overtaking even with DRS was pretty much impossible. Perhaps i can snitch a good setup next time. Jan, perhaps? :D